The TTC Story: The First Seventy-five Years


166 pages
Contains Illustrations, Maps
ISBN 1-55002-244-X
DDC 388.4'09713'54109






Photos by Ted Wickson
Reviewed by Peter Martin

Peter Martin is the founding publisher of the Canadian Book Review


For decades, Mike Filey has been chronicling his beloved Toronto. All
aspects of the city fascinate him, but none more than its public
transportation systems, which he has researched and written about
extensively. His latest book, in which he teams up with TTC archivist
Ted Wickson, is one of his most satisfying. Here, in a handsome
“landscape” format, we see Toronto’s transit system grow from the
day in 1921 when the public corporation took over from private owners of
the car lines to the official opening of the new Downsview Station in
1996. Each of the TTC’s first 75 years occupies a page or two of
fascinating pictures and informative text. People who live outside
Toronto may occasionally regret the absence of maps when Filey gets into
the details of tram routes in the growing city. But legions of transit
buffs and lovers of boxy Peter Witts, streamlined PCC cars, and rumbly
CLRVs will delight in this book.


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