From Our Eyes: Learning from Indigenous Peoples


154 pages
Contains Bibliography
ISBN 0-920059-31-7
DDC 970'.00497





Edited by Sylvia O'Meara and Douglas A. West

David R. Hutchinson is an educator on the Peguis Reserve in Manitoba.


This diverse collection of essays, narrative, and poetry is
representative of the struggle faced by Native and non-Native academics,
authors, artists, and educators as they attempt to open dialogue on
postcolonial indigenous educational theory and practice in a way that
does not confine interpretation of this theory and practice exclusively
to nonaboriginal Western academic theoretical frameworks for human
development. The strength of this collection lies not only in its
attempt to free itself from colonial epistemology, ontology, and
pedagogy, but also in its sheer breadth and variety. A number of topics
are covered, including Native philosophy, the Western academic treatment
of Native culture and history, Native curriculum and instruction,
traditional healing methods, and contemporary literature by Native

This text will be of considerable value to students, teachers,
curriculum developers, teacher educators, university professors, and
others who support the genuine institutionalization of Native
perspectives in educational development initiatives that are intended to
further both Native self-determination and anti-racist pedagogy.


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