Far and Wide: Essays from Canada


256 pages
Contains Photos, Index
ISBN 0-17-604705-0
DDC C814'.540803271





Edited by Sean Armstrong
Reviewed by Edward L. Edmonds

Edward L. Edmonds is a professor of education at the University of
Prince Edward Island.


In this collection of some 40 articles, Canada’s multiracial,
multicultural, multireligious society is evocatively analyzed. Some of
the authors are well known (e.g., W.O. Mitchell, Margaret Atwood, and
David Suzuki); others are relative newcomers. Robert Stewart contributes
an insightful essay on the importance of teaching. Robert Fulford writes
profoundly on the lessons of Canada’s geography, and Timothy Findley
pays homage to Margaret Laurence. Roch Carrier reflects, but only in
passing, on the Quebec separatist factor. The arrangement of the book,
with its endnotes and prefatory indexes of genres and themes, points to
its intended use as an introductory social studies text for secondary
schools; it can be recommended as such.


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