Carnival Girl


158 pages
ISBN 0-9697720-3-3
DDC C813'.54




Reviewed by Kenrick E.A. Mose

Kenrick E.A. Mose is an associate professor of Spanish Studies at the
University of Guelph.


In Guyana Boy, Bernard Heydorn explored growing up in a
lower-middle-class, mixed-race family in Guyana. Set in Trinidad at
Carnival time, Carnival Girl tells the story of a Canadian professor
whose romance with a married Trinidadian woman unfolds over the course
of the carnival experience, and ends in tragedy. Heydorn’s
descriptions of Trinidadian customs may be of interest to potential
visitors, but readers in search of a good story will be dismayed by this
novel’s clichéd language and by its two-dimensional characters.


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