230 pages
ISBN 0-88974-057-7
DDC C813'.54





Reviewed by Janet Money

Janet Money, formerly the sports editor of the Woodstock Daily
Sentinel-Review, is a freelance writer and editor in London, Ontario.


Honour is the story of three women who are friends, ex-lovers, and
lovers. Shulamit is a newly minted doctor, Marie is a food co-op worker
who is having hallucinations, and Jane is an academic. The book is also
a lyrical, beautifully written account of the exploration of one’s

Shulamit, in transition from Toronto radical to Victoria general
practitioner with a geriatric practice, searches for the identity of a
stroke victim, learns to love again, and renews her relationship with
her parents. Marie is shocked to learn the truth behind her absence of
family and converts her visions into art. Jane, researching the Manitoba
women’s movement that her mother spearheaded, finds clarity and a new

Decter, the author of Paper, Scissors, Rock, returns with some of the
same characters in this richly layered, tender story. The reader is left
anticipating future revelations about the mysterious stroke victim,
whose story is only just emerging as the novel closes.


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