A Bibliography of Stephen Leacock


714 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 1-55022-365-8
DDC 016.818'5209





Reviewed by Bert Almon

Bert Almon is a professor of English at the University of Alberta and a
poet. He is the author of Calling Texas, Earth Prime, and Mind the Gap.


Carl Spadoni must know more about Stephen Leacock than any other living
person. His vast bibliography—a model of scholarship—lists every
Leacock item ever published, republished, or translated—and Leacock
has been translated into Serbo-Croatian, Mayalalam, Russian, and many
other languages. This descriptive bibliography details the dust jackets,
page size, and other particulars of every version of every work by the
great Canadian humorist. Notes detailing contracts and sales figures are
also included where this informataion is known. The bibliographical
principles are sound and described at length in the introduction.
Leacock scholars will find the work indispensable, as will book
collectors—who, for example, need to distinguish a third impression
from a fourth impression of a first edition.

Spadoni can appreciate the irony of creating an enormous work of
scholarship on a humorist, and his interesting introduction cites
Leacock himself on the foolishness of book collecting. But scholarship
is the basis of serious study, even of a humorist, and Spadoni should be
commended for his work.


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