Hello Hockey Fans from Coast to Coast: Amazing Lists for Trivia Lovers


175 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations
ISBN 1-55022-386-0
DDC 796.962





Reviewed by Bob Forsey

Bob Forsey is the education officer at the Newfoundland Museum in St.


Hello Hockey Fans from Coast to Coast features 70 lists intended to
satisfy the lust of fanatics for inside stories and little-known facts
about players and teams in the National Hockey League. Some of these
“Amazing Lists” are enlightening (e.g., Ron Ellis’s list of Seven
Key Moments from the 1972 Canada–USSR Series). Others (and especially
those pertaining to the Original Six NHL teams) will appeal to fans with
a taste for nostalgia. Some readers may be amused by the list of Seven
Best Known Waynes in the NHL (starting with “You know who,” while
others who believe in astrology and star power will turn to the list of
the Best Librans (like Glen Hall, the goalie who played over 500
straight games for the Red Wings and Blackhawks). Lists of Eight Names
of Colour (e.g., James Black) and 12 “B” Players from Winnipeg to
play in the NHL (e.g., Doug Baldwin) may bemuse some readers. For the
most part, however, there is nothing too trivial here for hockey fans.


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