My Name Is Eva: A Biography of Eva Smith


126 pages
Contains Photos, Bibliography, Index
ISBN 0-920474-95-0
DDC 362.7 092




Reviewed by June M. Blurton

June M. Blurton is a retired speech pathologist.


Eva Smith emigrated from Jamaica in 1956, arriving in Canada under the
Domestic Scheme. Though she was well treated in her job, she knew many
West Indians who were not so fortunate. Soon she became involved in
volunteer work aimed at bettering their lives. In her later associations
with both the Jamaican Canadian Association and the North York Board of
Education, she became active in pushing for such initiatives as tutoring
and outreach programs for black students and others in need of help. A
tribute from those who knew and worked with her, this book is positive,
admiring, and insightful, if on occasion repetitious.


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