Backroads of Southern Interior British Columbia


223 pages
Contains Photos, Maps, Bibliography, Index
ISBN 1-55105-070-6
DDC 917.1104'4




Illustrations by Volker Bodegom
Reviewed by Allen H. Soroka

Allen Soroka is assistant law librarian at the University of British
Columbia Law Library.


This is an excellent automotive travel guide to a spectacular part of
British Columbia. The emphasis is on paved roads, although the author
details some very scenic trips on gravel forest roads. Descriptions
cover routes between the Alberta–B.C. border (in the Rockies) and
Kamloops. The guide’s sections are organized so that travelers may
complete a section within a day’s drive, and then set the odometer to
zero for the next day’s journey. The guide includes lots of lovely
photographs by the author, many interesting stories, bits of B.C.
history and folklore, and travel details that are quite meticulous. This
fine contribution to wise and exhilarating automotive touring in western
Canada is great preparation for a spring or summer motor trip—for
everyone except hard-core 4x4 travelers.


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