222 Ways to Make Love with Life: How to Love, Laugh, and Live in the Moment


87 pages
ISBN 1-886508-24-0
DDC 158.1





Reviewed by Moira Harris

Moira Harris is a freelance science writer in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


Ken Vegotsky intends, through this slender book, to enrich his
readers’ lives with “stories, inspirational ideas, sayings,
affirmations, humorous and, at times, thought provoking insights.”
Here are two examples: “Loving thought for the day: Children are great
teachers. Mine get me to practice the art of unconditional love,
daily”; “Enrich your Life: Plant a flower—outdoors or indoors.”

As with most self-help and motivational texts, the appeal of 222 Ways
to Make Love with Life will depend largely on personal preference: one
reader’s inspiration is another’s emetic. Though some of the
book’s suggestions are agreeable, others are humdrum,
incomprehensible, or frankly nauseating. Finally, the text has escaped
the attentions of a competent proofreader; it is replete with spelling
errors and incorrect punctuation. Anyone writing about men’s prostate
health should take the trouble to confirm the correct spelling for this
pesky gland.


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