Airplay: An Anthology of CBC Radio Drama


287 pages
Contains Photos
ISBN 1-896239-11-0
DDC C812'.022080054




Edited by Dave Carley
Reviewed by Ian C. Nelson

Ian C. Nelson is assistant director of libraries at the University of
Saskatchewan, and président de la Troupe du Jour, Regina Summer Stage.


Despite its budget woes, the CBC continues to create a rich cultural
landscape for Canadians through its productions of radio drama. This
anthology of five plays illustrates the liveliness and diversity of the
CBC radio voice.

Euthanasia and the rights of people with disabilities are forcefully
evoked in Emil Sher’s Mourning Dove, a play inspired by the Latimer
case. Judith Thompson addresses issues of anorexia and teenage pregnancy
in Don’t Talk Like That, a play that bridges Canadian and Australian
cultures in a bold, if somewhat obvious, way (curiously, it seems more
confusing on the page than it sounded on the air). George F. Walker
contributes the rough and fast-paced How to Make Love to an Actor, while
Lorre Jensen conveys a quiet aboriginal humor in The Mercy Quilt.
Finally, Adele Wiseman’s novel Crackpot is brought to the air in
Rachel Wyatt’s deft radio treatment.

Editor Dave Carley has written a sprightly introduction to his
anthology, which includes photo of each playwright along with a short
biography. Highly recommended.


“Airplay: An Anthology of CBC Radio Drama,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed July 15, 2024,