The Spelling Teacher's Book of Lists


96 pages
ISBN 1-55138-066-8
DDC 372.6'32





Reviewed by Renée B. Meloche

Renée B. Meloche is an instructional consultant with the Halton Board
of Education.


This book outlines an approach to spelling that is based on pattern
recognition, meaning, and problem-solving. According to the author, the
more children know about the parts of words, what they mean, and how
they are joined together, the better spellers they will be. Good
spellers learn to listen for the sound of each syllable; in constructing
words, they also look at roots, prefixes, suffixes, origins, and
derivations. Listening to the way children pronounce words, Phenix
suggests, can give us insights into how and why they determine which
letters to use.

The Spelling Teacher’s Book of Lists is a practical resource,
providing compiled lists of word groups and categories that illustrate
common spelling patterns. It explains the use of consonants and vowels,
confusable spellings, word building, and some spelling rules. Numerous
interesting teaching and spelling tips are included, as well as
pronunciation and etymological notes.


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