The Jonas Brothers


32 pages
Contains Photos, Index
ISBN 9780778772569
DDC j782.42166092'2




Reviewed by Sophia Moore


Anyone with adolescents and teenage kids knows that there are always going to be some new heartthrob occupying their minds. They’ll want posters, clothing, movies … anything that includes their new crush. But in this age of the Internet, we are constantly hearing about celebrity scandals, which leads to constant worrying about who are kids are watching and idolizing.

The Superstars! series showcases eight of the biggest teen superstars right now, from Disney to Twilight. Each book is colourful and with lots of photographs. They include a timeline, a glossary, recommendations for books and websites, and an index. This series provides a lot of information on each of the superstars, but with a wholesome twist that highlights the positive qualities of their careers and personal lives.

There are four books on musical stars in the series. The Jonas Brothers highlights the singing trio of brothers, Kevin, Joe, and Nick, and how they rose to fame. It includes information on their family, their taste in fashion, and everything you need to know about their career thus far. In M.I.A., though she is lesser known, her cultural background and rough childhood is discussed. Taylor Swift focuses on her creativity and how she made a career for herself. Miley Cyrus is probably the most controversial superstar in the series, but the book actually addresses those issues and how she’s dealing with growing up.

The other four books are about actors, but they are also coincidentally about some famous couples. Kristen Stewart has a very heavy focus on the starlet’s career in Twilight, which is slightly disappointing because of her extensive career, but understandable for the audience. The book about her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, is pretty much the same, but with a fairly large amount of the book dedicated to Harry Potter as well. The books Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Effron, who used to be a celebrity couple, are a bit more balanced. Their Disney careers and other projects are discussed just as much as the High School Musical franchise that made them both stars.

The positive spin on these books makes them a great addition to your child’s collection of celebrity paraphernalia. These books show these superstars as legitimate role models, and since their respectable qualities are highlighted, you can be comfortable with your kids idolizing their qualities. Highly recommended.


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