The War with Mr. Wizzle


224 pages
ISBN 0-590-32643-0




Reviewed by Adele Ashby

Adele Ashby was the former editor of Canadian Materials for Schools and Libraries.


They are all back — The Fish and the boys of Macdonald Hall and Miss Scrimmage and the girls she is trying, vainly, to “finish.” But this term, each school has a problem. The boys have to contend with Walter C. Wizzle, who, with his computer, is determined to modernize the school whether anyone likes it or not, while the girls try to outwit Miss Peabody, ex-Marine, who is determined to make “men” out of creampuffs. Separately, Bruno and Boots and their gang and Diane and Cathy and their gang try everything from building a machine to create earthquakes, and programming non-existent students into the computer, to diverting all the paper for Wizzle’s printer. All in vain, until a co-educational coalition comes up with the perfect solution.

It’s all the usual hilarious nonsense that Korman fans have come to expect. His inventiveness has not flagged, even though this is the fourth in the series, which is now being translated into French. A must in multiple copies for all young adult collections.


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