The Robin Who Wouldn't Fly


Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-88887-940-7





Illustrations by Linda Sanborn
Reviewed by Sue Giles

Sue Giles was a librarian at the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in Toronto.


The Robin Who Wouldn’t Fly is about an independent, strong-willed, fledgling robin who believes flying is “for the birds” — other birds, that is, not him! Eric the robin firmly believes that a fast run is the better mode of travel and models himself on the swift-footed squirrels he sees.

When the time comes for the winter migration, Eric once again asserts himself and declines to go along, refusing to believe the stories about winter. He soon receives a shock but is saved by a boy who looks after him all winter.

By the time spring comes around, he has become a more conventional robin, one who flies like the rest and eventually settles down with a mate.

The book has a bright, quite attractive cover and the story is liberally illustrated. However, many illustrations have a wide, predominantly black border showing silhouetted birds; this lends a sombre and rather old-fashioned air to the book.

This story is suitable for a kindergarten through grade 3 level.


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