Justice Is Blind-and Her Dog Just Peed in My Cornflakes


221 pages
ISBN 1-55017-198-4
DDC C818'.5402





Reviewed by Les Harding

Les Harding is the author of Exploring the Avalon, Historic St.
John’s: The City of Legends, The Voyages of Lesser Men: Thumbnail
Sketches in Canadian Exploration and The Journeys of Remarkable Women:
Their Travels on the Canadian Frontier.


Gordon Kirkland is a B.C. freelance writer who produces a humor column,
“At Large,” for a number of Canadian and American newspapers. This
collection of about 60 of his best pieces does not disappoint. Kirkland
tackles a wide range of topics, including vasectomies, airline travel,
smelly gym bags, and weight control, to name but a few. Most of the
pieces are about the vicissitudes of family life, featuring the author,
his wife, two sons (each “a teenage-grocery-sucking-appetite on
legs”), and “the dumbest dog ever to get lost on a single flight of

In the course of the book, we learn that Kirkland survived a serious
automobile accident in 1990 that left him a paraplegic. Not
surprisingly, he has a lot to say about “commutus obnoxiousi” (other
drivers). His treatment of his disability is frank, humorous, and never
maudlin. Kirkland has a gift for an amusing turn of phrase, combined
with a wry attitude to life. His book is certain to elicit chuckles from
even the most cynical reader.



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