The Better Way to Go: Cross Country Skiing


111 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-920474-17-9




Reviewed by Hans B. Neumann

Hans B. Neumann is a history lecturer at Scarborough College, University
of Toronto.


Stan Talesnick, president of the Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors, has written an informative and helpful book of instructions to guide the growing number of people interested in getting started in the sport of cross-country skiing.

His book — published in paperback form — is divided into eight short chapters: two are devoted to the illustration of basic techniques and skills necessary for the sport, the remaining ones to such areas as equipment and clothing selection, waxing, hints for the trail, and pre-skiing preparation and exercises. Throughout, the book contains many photographs and drawings to assist the reader.

The text is clearly written, easily understandable, and non-technical except where necessary. Especially clear is the chapter on waxing, an often mysterious subject for beginners. The concluding chapter, providing answers to common problems encountered by beginning cross-country skiers, is also a strong point of the text.

Illustrations blend well with the given instructions. A number of these show an important individual technique or action from beginning to end in a series of drawings. This is an especially effective teaching tool.

Overall the book represents a sound starting point not only for learning the basics of the sport but also for enjoying it.


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