Horse Camping


152 pages
Contains Illustrations, Bibliography
ISBN 0-88894-339-3





Reviewed by Ingrid vonHausen

Ingrid conHausen was a librarian in New Hamburg, Ontario.


Hatley has extensive experience horse-camping in the United States and Canada. With emphasis on the United States, this very complete guide covers all aspects of this specialized form of recreation. He discusses planning, preparation, horses, tack, gear, food, and setting up camp, and he even includes recipes. Appended is a list of organizations that may be contacted, a short list of trail rides, an equipment list, and a brief bibliography.

This oversized paperback is generously illustrated with line drawings and large, excellent (but unidentified) black-and-white photos. The print is generous and easy on the eye. The advice of the author is sound and complete. Throughout, there is a nice emphasis on ecological considerations, safety, and responsible conduct in the wilderness. The author’s enthusiasm is sure to kindle interest in this form of recreation.


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