Pieces of Plaid


96 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-919532-97-7





Reviewed by J.G. Reade

J.G. Reade was Librarian of the Dalhousie Ocean Studies Programme, Dalhousie University, Halifax.


This is an account of a trip to Scotland, London, and Paris, taken by the author, her husband, and two small sons in 1970.

The book consists of some 30 short “vignettes” in which Mrs. Rendall describes some incident of the trip — a monument visited, an event attended, a conversation with a local person, etc. Each incident or event is then used as the basis for some thought on the Christian life, and each chapter concludes with a Scripture verse and a prayer.

The approach of this work is simple and the book is easy to read. There is nothing, however, to distinguish this title from the many other examples of short, inspirational books which already exist.


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