One Man's Journal


160 pages
ISBN 0-919030-89-0




Winifred M. O'Rourke was a writer and journalist in Saskatoon.


Herbert O’Driscoll, a theologian and Anglican priest, had a daily radio program for six years in British Columbia. His talks, reflections on daily living, were widely acclaimed.

One Man’s Journal is a selection from his radio talks; it covers a wide range of topics, but each item is only one page long. In the preface the author states that in his radio talks he tried to give an encouraging word without escaping the realities of life. He says he tried to point to a “reality beyond the seeming reality.”

The book has several categories which include “Portraits,” referring to people that the author had met and who had left him with some touch of their personalities. Other stories refer to his travels both in Canada and overseas, reflections on the seasons of the year, and so on.

This is a book to pick up at an odd moment of relaxation. It would also be good as a gift to someone who is unable to undertake the reading of a long novel — perhaps someone hospitalized or elderly.


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