Crossroads: Times of Decision for People of God


96 pages
ISBN 0-919030-87-4




Winifred M. O'Rourke was a writer and journalist in Saskatoon.


Herbert O’Driscoll is an Anglican priest, dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver. Over the years he has, in addition to regular duties as a clergyman, been a broadcaster and a scriptwriter both in Canada and in the United States. He is the author of several books including a book of hymns.

In Crossroads, subtitled “a time for decision for people of God,” the author presents a number of well-known people from Old Testament times through to the 1980s. The point he makes about all of them is the fact that a turning point in their lives led them to a decision that encouraged them to live (or die) for higher principles.

As an introduction to the characters portrayed, O’Driscoll quotes the relevant passage from Scripture or other writing. Following the quotation the author skillfully draws out of the passage its historical and human dimensions and analysis of the character. The lesson becomes obvious for any serious reader.

This small book, although written from the background of the author’s scholarly training, is easy to read and would be good as a bedtime book of meditations.


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