Our Fragile Wilderness


112 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-919029-02-7





Edited by Dorothy Dickson
Photos by George Brybycin
Reviewed by Else Ransom

Else Ransom lived in Chelmsford, Ontario.


This is a beautiful pictorial tribute to our own Canadian Rockies and to the animals that live there. There are over 70 photographs, 55 of them in colour.

Mr. Brybycin, an experienced mountain photographer, has selected breathtaking panoramas for us to enjoy, and his animal studies are portrait masterpieces. He has a sharp eye tempered by a sympathetic heart and a keen sense of humour. He also provides some valuable advice for beginner nature photographers.

Dorothy Dickson has written an engaging text of anecdotes and made some sobering comments. The foreword is by Stephen Herrero.

This book will appeal to nature lovers of all ages. Woven throughout Our Fragile Wilderness is a compassion and a joy for life. It is well titled. It is also a cry for help.



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