Canada with Love/Canada avec amour


Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-7710-6082-3




Edited by Lorraine Monk
Reviewed by Joan McGrath

Joan McGrath is a Toronto Board of Education library consultant.


Canada with Love/Canada aver amour was produced in celebration of the Patriation of the Constitution of Canada, July 1, 1982. One must not say written, for this is a pictorial adventure even though handsomely introduced by Harold Town’s prologue, “Land of Land,” and embellished throughout by phrases culled from the niches of Canada’s most celebrated writers in both English and French.

Here are gathered glowing photographs of Canada from coast to coast, all of stunning beauty, many of them prize-winning entries in a nation-wide competition intended to discover photographs that would illuminate the Canadian landscape in all its moods and majesty. Some of the photographers whose work is included are already well known, others not yet; all are wonderfully gifted. This glorious display of photographic fireworks should ensure them the recognition they deserve as artists of excellence. Lorraine Monk, honoured for her earlier creations, Canada/A Year of the Land and Between Friends/Entre Amis, adds to her laurels with an even more beautiful collection of delights.


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