Saskatchewan Historical Baseball Review (1984)


92 pages




Edited by Dave Shury
Reviewed by Merritt Clifton

Merritt Clifton was an environmental journalist and lived in Brigham, Quebec.


An informal collection of newspaper columns, reminiscences, and excerpts from other publications, the Saskatchewan Historical Baseball Review is the athletic equivalent of small-town historical society annuals. Most of the contents hold little interest for outsiders, including serious baseball historians. At the same time, the volume will be treasured by those who participated in the events recorded, who knew the people involved, who can flesh out the sketchy details with additional memories.

Highlights include the recollections of numerous former semi-professional players, whose town leagues and tournaments formed the basis of baseball interest in Saskatchewan from the turn of the century to the introduction of televised major league games. Unfortunately, these memories are not backed up at all by facts and figures. A few team rosters appear, but there are no team records, no league standings, certainly no individual player records, all of which could undoubtedly be recovered from old newspapers.


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