Stones & Crafts


65 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-590-71227-6





Reviewed by Teresa Pitman

Teresan Pitman was a childbirth educator in Willowdale, Ontario.


The authors of Stones & Cones have put together a collection of attractive crafts using natural materials such as pine cones, nuts, seeds, stones, vegetables, and other plants. From these humble items, children can make animals, holiday decorations, gifts, and other projects by following the suggestions in the book. Most of the crafts leave plenty of room for the children to use their own creativity in finishing the object, and steps are clearly illustrated.

My only reservation is that the line drawings used to show the finished crafts might lead some children to feel disappointed with their own efforts. Dandelion chains just don’t work out quite that neatly when you are using real flowers!

Most of the crafts do require some skill and co-ordination, and the book is probably most appropriate for children in the senior elementary grades. Adult help will be needed with some of the projects.



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