HTML Stylesheet Sourcebook


420 pages
Contains Illustrations, Index
ISBN 0-471-19664-9
DDC 005.7'2




Reviewed by Jeffrey Moon

Jeffrey Moon is head of the Documents Reference/Data Centre at Queen’s


HTML Sourcebook provides a thorough guide to writing Web pages using
HTML 3.2, while HTML Stylesheet Sourcebook delves into the emerging
practice of using stylesheets to format Web pages.

HTML Sourcebook covers all the requisite acronyms: HTML, HTTP, Java,
JavaScript, and CGI. HTML and HTTP appropriately receive the most
attention, although an entire chapter is devoted to the topic of CGI
scripts (written in “C” and PERL); this chapter provides a good
introduction and some practical examples.

HTML Stylesheet Sourcebook identifies the limitations of HTML’s
structural approach to document formatting and presents stylesheets as a
logical alternative. (Stylesheets are a collection of rules that define
the formatting of a document.) This approach splits formatting
considerations from traditional document “markup” (HTML), resulting
in greater flexibility, easier document maintenance, and consistency.
The author concentrates on “Cascading Stylesheets” (CSS), the only
stylesheet language currently in use on the Internet.

These comprehensive, readable, and well-indexed books strike a balance
between meeting the “hand-holding” needs of beginners and meeting
the “nuts and bolts” needs of experienced Web-authors.


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