Griff Makes a Date and Other Stories


109 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-88862-997-4




Reviewed by Susan Perks

Susan Perks, formerly a teacher and librarian, is a travel agent in
Thompson, Manitoba.


Many children are familiar with the television program, “Kids of Degrassi Street,” a Canadian series revolving around children living on “Degrassi Street” (which could be any street). Each “Degrassi Street” story is based on an episode from the television series.

In the book Griff Makes a Date there are three stories, and these are suitable for children in grades four to six. Lisa Makes the Headlines also has three stories and, with its larger print and younger characters, would be more suitable for children in grades two to three.

All of the stories in these books deal with relationships and making friends. Each story has a lesson, and so could be used quite easily in the classroom. I liked the realism in the stories, such as kids moving away and others moving in. Some of the characters appear in more than one story, and they are consistent throughout. The authors have really developed the characters well, and readers should easily identify with them.

These are two most enjoyable and well-written books. The illustrations are realistic and portray each story accurately.


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