Halfbacks Don't Wear Pearls


140 pages
ISBN 0-590-71682-4





Reviewed by Lore Hoar

Lore Hoar is an information consultant living in Calgary.


With the advent of the women’s movement, many attitudes towards women’s roles in society are being examined and challenged. Halfbacks Don’t Wear Pearls is a welcome publication which should spark some lively discussions relating to these roles.

Jane and her girlfriends find themselves being goaded into a touch football match against the male members of their grade 11 class. The girls win byone point and the boys have to admit that women can compete with men and win. However, the comment that it is too bad the girls can’t continue to play football, has them seeing red once again. Next, while playing pool with her boyfriend, whom she has always allowed to win, Jane forgets herself and methodically sinks all her balls without a miss. Naturally, Brian feels thoroughly humiliated and walks out on her.

Now that her world has turned topsy-turvey, she finds that many people who are important to her are wondering how far she will take her convictions. And further, they are wondering how far they can or will support her. Besides being an excellent basis for discussion, this book is also a good read.


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