Benefits of His Passion: Reflections on the Gospel of John


103 pages
ISBN 0-919891-32-2





Reviewed by Janet McCreadie

Janet McCreadie is a Dunnville-based freelance editor and writer.


These 47 meditations find the meaning of everyday human experiences powerfully revealed in the incidents of the Passion. The meditations come from the Gospel of John chapters 10-19 and are recommended for Christian devotions during Lent or for weekly Bible study.

There are questions for reflection and focus for the reader — a practical devotional book for the conscientious Christian.

From Ash Wednesday through to Easter Day, the devotions center on the Lord’s Passion with ample space to involve the person reading the passages and give new personalized meaning to each devotion.

Desmond Hunt is well known for his missions and conferences within the Anglican Church across Canada and his speaking sessions locally in Toronto.

He studied at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto, was rector of Church of the Messiah, and is now a suffragan bishop of the Diocese of Toronto.


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