Picture Perfect


160 pages
Contains Illustrations, Index
ISBN 1-55013-006-4





Reviewed by Peter Henderson

Peter Henderson teaches history at Douglas College in New Westminster,


Among the numerous how-to books on photography, this one achieves its purpose very well indeed, by concentrating exclusively on the two types of camera most in use — the simple compact automatic camera and the single lens reflex — so that anyone presented with either type is immediately made at home.

The explanations, which come in small chunks, are easily digested, and the illustrations, both diagrammatic and by means of photographs, are clear and appropriate.

While the type of camera described is sensibly limited, the range of photographic subjects discussed is not, so that by following the book’s suggestions, one can enjoy the use of one’s equipment to the fullest extent.

This book is an excellent buy for any beginner, and even an experienced amateur can find new ideas in it.


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