Hockey: Twenty Years


212 pages
Contains Photos
ISBN 0-385-25120-3
DDC 796





Reviewed by Janet Money

Janet Money is a writer and policy analyst for the Canadian Cystic
Fibrosis Foundation in Toronto.


This lightweight, overpriced “Official Publication of the National Hockey League” includes a season-by-season review of the NHL from its 1967 expansion to 1987, a series of 20 trends that shaped modern hockey (for example, curved sticks, the two-goalie system, Bobby Orr), brief profiles and colour plates of an international all-star team from the era, and descriptions of 20 “big games.” There is no rationale provided for the all-star or “big games” selections.

As a reference work, Hockey: Twenty Years is no more than adequate, providing the most basic statistics. As a general interest work, this volume is too choppy to be interesting.

Hockey: Twenty Years is a glorified magazine to which few readers will return after a single read.



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