Wanda's Freckles


24 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 978-0-88776-862-0
DDC jC813'.6





Illustrations by Georgia Graham
Reviewed by Kimberly J. Frail

Kimberly J. Frail is a Digital Librarian for the Government of Alberta.


In their third addition to the series following Wanda and the Wild Hair and Wanda and the Frogs, the author/illustrator team of Barbara Azore and Georgia Graham provide a whimsical introduction to the themes of self-esteem and individuality from a young child’s point of view. Wanda had always thought her freckles or “sparkles” made her special until a group of boys teases her about them. She then tries several rather silly ways to hide her freckles, involving lipstick, white paint, and toothpaste. Following an encounter with a “little old lady” and her dog that won’t stop licking her, Wanda realizes that she has lots of friends that like her just the way she is—freckles and all. This part of the story, as well as the conclusion, seem to be a bit lacking in detail. There are only a few lines of the narrative devoted to the turning point and there are no illustrations of her with the friends mentioned in the text. The reader goes from a picture of Wanda trying to lighten her freckles with toothpaste to one of Wanda “dreaming of boys covered in big red spots.” Therefore, the “self-acceptance” portion of the story is somewhat anti-climactic and unconvincing. The illustrations themselves are superbly vivid chalk pastel drawings highlighted by intricate patterns and motifs. The language style and vocabulary are also very child-friendly and give the impression that Wanda herself could be telling the story. Children who are already fans of Wanda will likely enjoy watching her embark on another series of humorous misadventures. Teachers and parents could use this book as a springboard for a discussion on individuality with the caveat that they would need to elaborate on some of the points introduced in the narrative.



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