Slapshot Hockey Quizbook: Trivia, Puzzles and More


80 pages
ISBN 978-0-88971-234-8
DDC j796.962





Reviewed by Nathan Lewis


The test of a good quiz book is one that is challenging, but not impossible to solve. There’s nothing more excruciating than trying to figure out that stumping crossword clue or being unable to unscramble that one word. The frustration can drive you crazy, but going to the answer key in the back can be an embarrassing defeat.

Slapshot Hockey Quizbook provides 50 different quizzes and games for the hockey lover. The different types of activities include crosswords, word searches, anagrams, and trivia quizzes, in varying levels of difficulty. The biggest downfall of this book is that there is no difficulty rating for the puzzles. Each page has a bonus piece of trivia or a question at the bottom of the page for a little bit of fun.

For the right audience, this book is exactly what it should be. For hockey fans who know many player names and lots of team information, this book is the perfect quiz book. A reader with only a rudimentary interest in hockey would probably find this book too difficult and frustrating, with the exception of the word searches. However, the quizzes along with the answer key provide quite a lot of information, so this book is quite informative as well as entertaining.


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