Fishing in Action.


32 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations, Index
ISBN 978-0-7787-0363-0
DDC j799.1




Reviewed by Anne Hutchings

Anne Hutchings is a public-school teacher and librarian in Ajax,


Fishing in Action, one of the Sports in Action series, provides a brief (32 pages) but comprehensive guide to the sport of fishing.


Beginning with a description of the sport, this book also covers topics such as equipment needed, kinds of bait and lures used, special types of fishing such as fly fishing and ice fishing, and rules and regulations governing the sport. Illustrated step-by-step instructions are given for activities such as attaching a hook to the fishing line, casting, and, once the fish has been caught, removing it carefully from the hook. The final section deals with important safety issues while fishing as well as basic water safety. A handy checklist of safety supplies with items such as sunscreen, PFDs, insect repellant, maps, water, and food is included.


In typical Bobbie Kalman/Crabtree Publishing style the book is attractively designed with colourful titles and large, easy-to-read print. A table of contents and an index make it easy to locate specific information. Unfamiliar terms are printed in bold type and either defined in the text or found in the glossary. Captioned photographs and diagrams and coloured sidebars abound, providing additional detail.


Junior and intermediate grade anglers or would-be anglers will find this slim volume a useful reference and/or introduction to the sport. Recommended.



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