Are You Psychic?: The Official Guide for Kids


64 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 1-897066-21-X
DDC j133.8





Illustrations by Claudia Dávila
Reviewed by Elizabeth Levin

Elizabeth Levin is chair of the Psychology Department at Laurentian


Do you believe in psychic phenomena or do you think ESP is bunk? In
either case, this book for preteens will help you explore the world of

Mind reading, or mental telepathy, is discussed in Chapter 1. The
author presents evidence for telepathy (and provides several experiments
for the reader to try) but states that we do not know how it happens.
She also notes that women, left-handers, and older people tend to be
better mind readers. The chapter ends with a discussion of intuition and
how to develop it.

Chapter 2 looks at the fakes and phonies who inhabit the world of
parapsychology; here we learn about some common tricks fraudsters use to
pull off their deceptions. Chapter 3, devoted to the subject of
clairvoyance, also sheds light on auras and second sight. Chapter 4 is
about fortune-telling or precognition, with special reference to dreams.
The last chapter deals with psychokinesis as manifested in spoon-bending
and levitation experiments.

Even if you’re a skeptic when it comes to ESP, this book is well
written and nicely illustrated, presents a balanced view of psychic
phenomena, and contains loads of neat demonstrations to try. Highly


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