The Girls' Spa Book: 20 Dreamy Ways to Relax and Feel Great


64 pages
Contains Photos, Index
ISBN 1-897066-01-5
DDC j646.7'2





Illustrations by Claudia Dávila
Reviewed by Sandy Campbell

Sandy Campbell is a reference librarian in the Science and Technology Library at the University of Alberta.


This book features recipes for making beauty products, most of them for
cleansing. Here girls will find formulas for bath salts, bubble bath,
bath powder, lip gloss, shampoo, and other products. Many of the recipes
call for baby shampoo or liquid soap as a base, which simplifies them

Each recipe is accompanied by clear illustrated instructions, practical
self-help advice, and inspirational quotations. The book is attractively
designed, with bright colours and lots of variety in typeface and text

While much of the text that is not product-related is designed to be
supportive and helpful for all adolescent girls, the images are
inclusive only to the extent that girls of different races and one in a
wheelchair are shown. There is no variation in the shape or size of the
girls illustrated. They are uniformly thin.

The final section of the book covers non-product subjects. In addition
to discussions of relaxation and the meanings of colours, shapes, and
symbols, there are instructions for making cards, labels, and packaging
to be used if the products are presented as gifts.

Overall, this is a good book that preteens and teens will enjoy. Most
preteens will be able to make the recipes independently, although the
author includes recommendations for parental assistance where hot
liquids are used. Highly recommended.


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