Baby Science: How Babies Really Work!


32 pages
Contains Photos
ISBN 1-895688-84-1
DDC j305.232






Illustrations by Hélène Desputeaux
Reviewed by Elizabeth Levin

Elizabeth Levin is a professor of psychology at Laurentian University.


Many youngsters wonder a lot about babies. Baby Science may contain the
answers to their many questions. It won’t tell them where babies come
from or provide them with information on pregnancy and delivery, but it
will answer such questions as where belly buttons come from, why babies
sleep so much, and why babies cry. Each two page unit also suggests an
activity or tip. For example, the section on feeding includes a recipe
for baby food for the reader to try. The section on first words suggests
using gestures to communicate. The lively text is accompanied by
beautiful photos of babies as well as charming illustrations by Hélиne
Desputeaux of baby Caillou fame. This is not a book about preparing an
older child for the birth of a sibling, but it may be useful if a new
baby is in the forecast. Older children who just want to know how babies
work may also enjoy it. Recommended.


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