I Can Make Jewelry


32 pages
ISBN 1-895688-63-9
DDC j745.594'2





Photos by Mary Wallace
Reviewed by Barbara M. Buetter

Barbara M. Buetter conducts creative-writing workshops for children and
is the author of Simple Puppets from Everyday Materials.


This 9th volume in the “I Can Make” series provides directions on
how to make all kinds of things, including necklaces, earrings,
friendship hands, pet-rock pouches, a “handstand” for rings and
necklaces, and a jewelry box. The fun projects are simple and innovative
and geared to a range of skill levels. All are crafted from recycled and
inexpensive materials. The easy-to-follow directions are appropriately
minimal, given the intended audience. Each spread features a list of
supplies, appealing step-by-step photographs, and a final picture of the
finished craft. Little adult help will be needed by most young crafters.

I Can Make Jewelry is suitable for girls aged five and up, and at
$6.95, a great value for craft ideas from everyday materials. Highly


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