I Can Make Costumes


32 pages
Contains Photos
ISBN 1-895688-47-7
DDC j646.4'78





Reviewed by Kelly L. Green

Kelly L. Green is the Secretary of the Ontario Federation of Teaching
Parents, the past editor of CBRA’s Children’s Literature edition,
and the past president of the Toronto & District Parent Co-operative
Preschool Corporation.


I Can Make Costumes is an easy and innovative guide to dressing up.
Children can use boxes, scraps of material, paint, glue, glitter, and
polyester stuffing to become Roman nobles, tigers, wizards, jesters,
royalty, and space aliens. The instructions are both easy to follow and
easy to execute, and will allow readers to create finished products that
look very much like those portrayed in the book’s bright, colorful
photographs. Perfect for Halloween, parties, plays, or everyday fantasy
play, this book is highly recommended for all junior hams.


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