Dolls Kids Can Make


72 pages
ISBN 1-895565-74-X
DDC j745.592'21





Photos by Joy von Tiedemann and Sheila McGraw
Reviewed by Joan Weller

Joan Weller is head librarian of the West Branch of the Ottawa Public


Despite its title, this is a book more for adults than kids. To make the
11 dolls it provides instructions for would require the fine-motor
skills of a crafts-person in addition to expensive and sometimes
difficult-to-find materials and tools.

The so-called easy projects (soft dollies made from gloves, socks, and
facecloths) and more advanced projects (double doll, decorative dolls,
granny dolls) demand skilled hands for cutting, folding, sewing (by hand
and machine), trimming, adding accessories, and so forth. Many of the
required materials are expensive and not always easily available. Some
examples: fake fur, satin ribbon, broadcloth, stuffing, craft glue,
raffia, masking tape, acrylic paint, lace, and synthetic doll hair.
Among the required tools are gluegun and sewing machine. Despite the
author’s warning about the safe use of the gluegun, this is not a tool
for children. Neither is this book. For children, a better choice is
Dolls from the Kids Can Easy Crafts Series. Not recommended (for


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