Stuff for Your Space


40 pages
Contains Photos
ISBN 1-55337-399-5
DDC j745.593





Illustrations by Bernice Lum
Reviewed by Lisa Arsenault

Lisa Arsenault is an elementary-school teacher in Ajax, Ontario.


The interior decorating projects in this Kids Can Do It book are
designed for girls with a view to personalizing their rooms. The volume
bears the typical stamp of the series—an upbeat, inspiring, and
practical approach.

Before plunging into the 15 projects, the book’s introduction and
suggestions for themes will help to focus the young crafter’s ideas.
She needs to determine whether she is basically funky, sporty, romantic,
or a “girly-girl.” A section on the importance of colour and how to
use it (complementary colours, harmonious colours) will help with the
selection of materials for the projects and will ensure that the
room’s decor is pulled together. A description of necessary tools and
basic supplies follows.

The projects include bead curtains, a jewellery box, a message board,
drawer knobs, and lampshades. Materials for each project are listed and
the process is delineated in clear numbered steps. Illustrations
accompany each step. Templates are provided where necessary. Many of the
crafts have alternative suggestions in an “other ideas” addendum,
rendering them adaptable to more than one of the basic themes.

The crafts in Stuff for Your Space are practical and modern. The author
has a clear understanding of the importance of personalized space to
young girls. Recommended.


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