Albert Einstein: A Life of Genius


32 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations, Maps, Index
ISBN 1-55337-397-9
DDC j530'.092





Reviewed by Mima Vulovic

Mima Vulovic is a sessional lecturer at York University who also works
at the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General.


This introduction to the life of the famous physicist—one of four
titles in the Snapshots series—is jam-packed with information that
ranges from astonishing trivia (Einstein never learned how to drive
because it was too difficult) to accessible descriptions of complex
scientific concepts.

MacLeod provides a chronological treatment of Einstein’s life,
highlighting the major influences, events, and accomplishments, from his
work on relativity to his contribution to an array of important
scientific discoveries, such as nuclear power, radiation therapy, and
big bang theory. Noted as well are some of his less important
contributions, including his approval of the patent for the shape of the
Toblerone chocolate bar. Einstein’s dedication to world peace and his
anguish over the atom bomb are also prominently featured. As a person,
Einstein comes across as a humble and warm person who played the violin,
rode his bicycle, and shot waterguns with children.

A Life of Genius is richly illustrated, combining photographs, personal
correspondence, and newspaper clippings with sketches and appropriate
commentary. Archival material (family snapshots, handwritten notes,
etc.) give a flavour of Einstein’s times, while bibliographic
information both highlights and complements the main text. Throughout
the volume, Einstein appears in a cartoon form, offering valuable
“air-bubble” insights.

The book includes an index, a well-documented timeline, and even a
suggested list of places to visit and learn more about Einstein.
Although Albert Einstein is intended for Grades 3–7, readers of all
ages would find it informative and pleasurable. Highly recommended.


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