Roger Gets Carried Away


32 pages
ISBN 1-55037-898-8
DDC jC813'.6





Illustrations by Rogé
Reviewed by Carol L. MacKay

Carol L. MacKay is a children’s librarian living in Bawlf, Alberta.


Young Roger has an active imagination, and often pretends that he’s
“Captain Kaboodle,” a time-and-space traveller. When his mother
takes him to the optometrist to get glasses, Roger laments, “I don’t
need glasses. I’ve got perfect X-ray vision.” But, as Roger finds
out on an intergalactic mission, glasses do come in handy when you’re
traversing the galaxy on a quest.

Barbara Todd’s text is full of fun, spacey lingo, and onomatopoeic
sound effects that should make this story a read-aloud treat. However, a
couple of minor coherency problems make the ride down the interplanetary
highway occasionally bumpy. In one such example, it isn’t completely
clear from the text what happens to Roger and the alien when they are
eaten by the one-eyed Humbug creature. While a sequence of smaller
illustrations does show what occurs, a few extra words in the text would
help clarify the action and avoid confusion. Rogé’s acrylic artwork
is whimsical, with gaudy colours well-suited to strange worlds and

This galactic picture book will be appreciated by children who have
found themselves in Roger’s shoes—needing glasses and not wanting
them. By adding explanations when necessary, librarians will find this a
good read-aloud selection for early elementary-aged children.
Recommended with reservations.


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