Pegasus and Ooloo Mooloo


32 pages
ISBN 1-55037-279-3
DDC jC813'.54






Illustrations by Ruth Ohi
Reviewed by Kelly L. Green

Kelly L. Green is co-author of The Ethical Shopper’s Guide to Canadian
Supermarket Products and associate editor of the Canadian Book Review


These two books are Vol. 1 and 2 of Annick’s Micki and Daniel series
by Wendy Orr, with art by Ruth Ohi. In the first, Micki Moon and Daniel
Day, who are very different, but who have been friends for as long as
they can remember, go off for a walk one hot summer’s day. They are
accosted by two animals: a parrot that violinist Daniel tries to name
Orpheus (after the Greek god of music) because he shouts “Encore!”
but who insists on being called Ooloo Mooloo; and a pony that Micki
christens Pegasus. The children and the animals go to the circus, where
they meet up with the infamous pony master, E. Vill, whom they of course

In The Wedding, Micki and Daniel are invited to a wedding. Micki is the
flower girl, and Daniel is to play his violin. Pegasus and Ooloo Mooloo
are to stay at home, but succeed in following the children and wreaking
all manner of havoc at the wedding. Micki and Daniel don’t really see
what all the fuss is about, and are undecided as to whether they will
attend any more weddings.

These two books have a limited charm, but several serious problems as
well. Orr tries too hard to inject excitement into the rather convoluted
plot of Pegasus and Ooloo Mooloo, and is at great pains to establish the
hilarity of the situation in The Wedding. Meanwhile, she doesn’t try
nearly hard enough stylistically. The prose is flat, condescending, and
offers very little challenge to even very young children. Ruth Ohi’s
illustrations are pleasant and colorful, though many of her people share
the same face. Annick’s formulistic approach to this series is rather
too commercial, and in this reader’s opinion sacrifices literary
quality (i.e., a good story and good writing).

Of the two, The Wedding is slightly better, in terms of both plot and
language. Some of Orr’s descriptions of the animals and children, and
the problems they create at the wedding, are actually quite funny.

The Wedding is recommended with reservations, while Pegasus and Ooloo
Mooloo is not a first-choice purchase.


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