Roses for Gita


32 pages
ISBN 0-929005-85-6
DDC jC813'.54





Illustrations by Alice Priestley
Reviewed by Leigh Dodds

Leigh Dodds is an elementary-school teacher in North Bay, Ontario.


Gita’s love of flowers, particularly roses, was inspired by her
grandmother, Naniji, who taught Gita that flowers grow better with music
and when shared. When Gita and her mother move into a new home, Gita
longs to plant a garden. Mr. Flinch, her elderly and near-sighted
neighbor, rebuffs her attempts to admire his garden from over the fence.
After hearing Mr. Flinch play the violin in his garden, Gita attaches a
note to some wind chimes and places them in his mailbox. These chimes
bring Gita and Mr. Flinch together and lead to the pair’s planting the
first rose in Gita’s garden.

Rachna Gilmore’s text nicely captures Gita’s warmth and
sensitivity, and the slow unfolding of her friendship with the seemingly
cantankerous Mr. Flinch. Like a rose that needs nurturing, their
relationship requires patience and care. Alice Priestley’s vivid and
colorful illustrations do full justice to Mr. Flinch’s splendid
garden. Recommended.


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