Stencil It!: Kids' Projects


64 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations
ISBN 0-921820-73-9
DDC j745.7'3




Reviewed by Joan Weller

Joan Weller is head librarian at the West Branch of Ottawa Public
Library, and the children’s literature reviewer for the Ottawa


Stenciling, a popular adult craft, is adapted here for children ages 10
to 14. Younger children, with adult supervision, may be able to create
some of the simpler stencils.

This outstandingly presented book contains brightly illustrated
step-by-step instructions. Sandra Buckingham skilfully instructs
children on how to get started with this craft using a few easy-to-find
“found” materials, such as freezer paper, toothbrushes, and paint.
Generally, however, purchased materials are needed (e.g., stencil
brushes, foam rollers, X-acto knives, and special paints). Therefore,
readers must be prepared to spend money in order to create these
stencils. Safety tips for using spray glue and special paints and knives
are given in the book’s opening chapter, “Getting Started.”
Careful adherence to these tips must be followed by adults and the
children under their supervision. Items ranging in difficulty to make
include the following: silhouettes, stationery, folders, tin-can covers,
and prints. Inspirational stencil art, from ancient cave art to
Matisse’s beautiful stencil cutouts, is depicted in the book’s
attractive illustrations.

Because of this craft’s difficult nature and requirement of
sophisticated materials, Stencil It! is recommended not for young
children, but for older children (with well-developed skills) working
under adult supervision.


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