Maddie in Hospital


58 pages
ISBN 0-88780-374-1
DDC jC843'.54





Illustrations by Marie-Louise Gay
Translated by Sarah Cummins
Reviewed by Leigh Dodds

Leigh Dodds is an elementary-school teacher in North Bay, Ontario.


A severe case of gastroenteritis forces Maddie into hospital. There she
meets another young patient, Black Eagle, who invites her to the
hospital’s Halloween party. The problem is, Maddie will be discharged
by Halloween. Thinking the party is for patients only, she has to devise
a way to stay in the hospital. When her idea fails and she is
discharged, she enlists the help of the “gang” to assist her with a
new scheme that will enable everyone to attend the party while at the
same time raising money for scientific research.

This sixth book in the Maddie series both entertains and educates. From
Black Eagle we learn about courage and the need to cherish life. From
the gang we learn about the value of friendship. Leblanc infuses her
story and characters with wit and energy. Maddie is a particularly
delightful combination of determination and sensitivity. Amusing
illustrations add to the book’s appeal. Recommended.


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