Maddie Wants Music


61 pages
ISBN 0-88780-219-2
DDC jC843'.54





Illustrations by Marie-Louise Gay
Translated by Sarah Cummins
Reviewed by Jami van Haaften

Jami van Haaften is a librarian and author of An Index to Selected
Canadian Provincial Government Publications for Librarians, Teachers and


Maddie needs money to buy her own walkman. After trying to “borrow”
money from her brother’s piggy bank and considering how many chores
she would need to do in order to earn the money from her parents, she
decides to hold a yard sale. The sale seems to be a success until her
new neighbor decides to copy her idea. Things turn from bad to worse
when they are attacked by a gang. Maddie’s brothers join in the
dramatic events as the gang is driven off and eventually caught. Maddie
reconsiders her need for the walkman and learns to appreciate both her
family and her new neighbor. In returning the “borrowed” money, she
also discovers the value of honesty.

Louise Leblanc’s prose style is vigorous and humorous. The text
appears in large typeface, with plenty of italics and uppercase letters
for emphasis. Black-and-white illustrations are provided by the
award-winning children’s book illustrator, Marie-Louise Gay.


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