The Kitchen


32 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations, Index
ISBN 0-86505-504-1
DDC j643'.3'097




Reviewed by Susanne Day

Susanne Day is a retired education specialist with physically disabled,
blind, and speech-impaired children.


These beautifully illustrated and informative books present a historical
overview of settlers’ activities in a pioneer village. The Gristmill
shows how a miller ground the flour that produced the community’s main
food—bread. The Kitchen tells about the room that was the centre of
family activities; the room where settlers spent much of their time
eating, baking, making candles, playing games, churning butter, telling
stories, and keeping warm in front of the open hearth.

This series would be a useful addition to any primary-school class or
library, as well as any home collection. The pictures—photographs,
paintings, pen-and-ink drawings—are colorful, informative, and
enjoyable. A useful addition is the glossary to help readers or visitors
to historic sites recognize and name various artifacts. Anyone will
enjoy a visit to a pioneer village or museum more after having read
these books.


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