Pioneer Projects


32 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 0-86505-467-3
DDC j745.5'0973




Photos by Marc Crabtree
Illustrations by Barbara Bedell
Reviewed by Barbara M. Buetter

Barbara M. Buetter conducts creative-writing workshops for children and
is the author of Simple Puppets from Everyday Materials.


From braided rugs and toys to preserves and decorating techniques, each
craft featured in this book is introduced from a pioneer perspective.
Natural and recycled materials are used, much as the pioneers would have
used them.

Each spread begins with a brief introduction and minimal historical
reference. Page layouts are text-heavy, with uninspiring photographs of
children holding the finished crafts. Bright diagrams help to enliven
some of the spreads, but, overall, the dense pages may fail to excite
younger crafters. The project steps are not well detailed, but this may
not be a problem for older children, as most of the crafts are

Pioneer Projects would be best suited to classroom use, in conjunction
with study units on pioneer life. A glossary of terms and an index are
included. Recommended with reservations.


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